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Sussex Lime Plastering

Welcome to Sussex Lime Plastering, here we hope you will find useful information on the service that we provide. We are committed to offering the very best service possible, using only the correct materials for your property. Whether it's repair of blown/damaged plaster, replacing laths or re-pointing of brick and flint walls, we are here to bring your property back to it's former glory with a sympathetic approach.  

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Lime has been used in buildings for thousands of years, since 12,00BC. These historic buildings should be repaired and maintained in a sympathetic manner using the correct materials to prolong the life of these properties for many years to come.    

Lime products are vapour permeable, which allows your building to 'breathe', allowing water to enter the wall and more importantly allow the water to evaporate. Having your building 'breathe' will draw moisture from the internal environment to the outside making for a healthier environment by helping to control condensation and mould growth within the property. Lime mortars are also relatively flexible and will accommodate some movement in a wall. If lime cracks it can 'self-heal' when exposed to air, unlike cement with is a lot harder and brittle. The flexibility of lime will help to greatly reduce the damage to the surrounding materials. 

Lime Plastering

Polished lime plaster
Fine top coat lime putty plaster

Clay Plaster

Demi rustic clay plaster
Arakabe clay plaster
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